Quick Quote Wednesdays: Aim for Success Every Day

Constant dripping wears away stone. ~Old Chinese Proverb
In layman’s terms, you need perseverance and constant effort in order to achieve success. But in today’s world, achieving success is just the first phase.
You need to aim for success every day!
The next phase involves staying s… – http://magnovo.com/quick-quote-wednesdays-aim-for-success-every-day/


Leadership Goals Redefined: Why You Shouldn’t Try to Make Everyone the Same at Work

Tapping into differences among employees’ talents leads to success, new Harvard book says.
Leadership goals have long included assembling a diverse workforce. Companies aim to hire talent from each gender, culture, race, and religion. Now, however,  there’s a new kind of diversity to … – http://magnovo.com/leadership-goals-redefined-why-you-shouldnt-try-to-make-everyone-the-same-at-work/

Quick Quote Wednesdays: Leading With Passion

Leading with passion: “The man who follows a crowd will never be followed by a crowd.” R.S. Donnell
This is a favorite leadership philosophy of outstanding achievers who followed their passion and succeeded.British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s father was said to have given her … – http://magnovo.com/quick-quote-wednesdays-leading-passion/