4 Leadership Lessons from Navy SEALs

There are some important leadership lessons we take from watching how the Navy SEALs succeed.
Drawing upon what makes a good SEAL, leaders can steer their own teams towards exceptional levels of success.

Here’s what makes a Navy SEAL successful.
What does is take to complete the Navy… – http://magnovo.com/4-leadership-lessons-from-navy-seals/


Not all Outdoor Team Building Activities are Created Equal

How the Wrong Kind of Outdoor Team Building Activities Can Sabotage Teamwork
Outdoor team building activities can be a boon to collaboration or they can be a manager’s worst enemy.  It all depends on how they’re structured and whether there are any real goals.

What’s up with b… – http://magnovo.com/not-all-outdoor-team-building-activities-are-created-equal/

7 Bad Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Leadership Conference…and 1 Great One

It’s winter, and companies from all corners of the land are convening in warm places for their annual leadership conference.
Sales teams gather in hotel conference rooms to re-energize their forces, and leaders pull managers in for some creative strategizing to keep their employees m… – http://magnovo.com/7-bad-entertainment-ideas-for-your-next-leadership-conference-and-1-great-one/

What an America’s Cup Winner Can Teach Us About Team Building

Sir Russell Coutts has a lot of wins under his belt, but he’s the first to admit that team building is very challenging for him.
The five-time winner of the America’s Cup is CEO of Oracle Team USA, and he goes through team members at a surprisingly rapid rate.  Seems it’s just … – http://magnovo.com/what-an-americas-cup-winner-can-teach-us-about-team-building/

Quick Quote Wednesday: Effective Methods to Motivate Your Team

Don’t fall into the basic carrot and stick trap along with many other managers and small business owners today when you’re looking for the best methods to motivate your team
The carrot, for the most part, tends to be a monetary reward – bonuses, pay raises, and promotions. The… – http://magnovo.com/effective-methods-motivate-your-team/

How to Become a Leader Other Leaders Will Follow

Want to become a leader–the type that you yourself would follow, respect, and even emulate?
By now, you know all of the attributes, characteristics, idiosyncrasies, and quirks that you don’t want to copy–ever! You could probably make a very long list of them.

To become a leader of l… – http://magnovo.com/how-to-become-a-leader-other-leaders-will-follow/