April is Administrative Professionals Month – How Will You Celebrate?

Ask anyone who’s ever worked in a busy office: it’s the administrative professionals who pretty much keep the place going.
Without them, all sorts of businesses would probably fall apart at the seams …they are the glue that holds everything together, preventing total and a… – http://magnovo.com/april-administrative-professionals-month-will-celebrate/


4 Ways To Work Team Culture Into Your Leadership Strategy

When everyone works together towards common goals, you know your leadership strategy is working.  Focusing on building a team culture means everyone wins in the end.  Here are 4 ways to do that.

4 ways to build team culture from within your leadership strategy.

 Provide all the resources you… – http://magnovo.com/4-ways-work-team-culture-leadership-strategy/


Quick Quote Wednesdays: Gordana Biernat

Leadership is always about how YOU lead YOURSELF. The rest comes as a natural result of that. Would YOU follow YOU?
~Gordana Biernat


Magnovo Team Builders Make Event Coordinators Look Good!

Nobody’s immune to stress, but it turns out event coordinators really have it bad, and our team builders can help.
When it’s you whom everyone looks to if an event doesn’t go well, that’s a heavy load to carry.  That’s why at Magnovo we do our very best to make you l… – http://magnovo.com/magnovo-team-builders-make-event-coordinators-look-good/


Quick Quote Wednesdays: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other.
~John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Does Donald Trump Have Team Leader Qualities?

Right now, we need people at all levels who have the right team leader qualities.
But from the classroom to the board room and in the political arena as well, sometimes it’s hard to know what those qualities really are.

What is leadership, anyway?
Fist pumping and always acting confident … – http://magnovo.com/donald-trump-team-leader-qualities/


Quick Quote Wednesdays: Leadership is Defined by Results

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked leadership is defined by results not attributes.
~Peter Drucker


101 Benefits of Team Building: Helping the Make-a-Wish Foundation

As Superbowl 50 approached and the Panthers prepared to meet the Broncos, we were reminded once again that the benefits of team building are far-reaching.

Sitting in the stadium along with thousands of other excited fans were 14 kids whose dreams came true.  Thanks to the Make-a-Wish … – http://magnovo.com/101-benefits-team-building-helping-make-wish-foundation/


Quick Quote Wednesdays: Emeasoba George

An obvious proof of true love/leadership is self-sacrifice i.e. giving up your/one’s own interest or comfort just to help others or to advance a cause.
~Emeasoba George