Quick Quote Wednesdays: Matshona Dhliwayo

Two thirds of leadership is encouragement.
~Matshona Dhliwayo


44% of Top U.S. Executives Agree: You Need to Revisit those Soft Skills Training Topics

It’s hard to find a business school these days that doesn’t cover soft skills training topics.

Good thing, too!  In a recent survey, almost half of top U.S. executives think Americans lack important basic skills for communicating and getting along at work.
What are the so-called &#… – http://magnovo.com/soft-skills-training-topics/

Quick Quote Wednesdays: Anthony Jay

The only real training for leadership is leadership.
~Anthony Jay


Learning Leadership and the Millennial Workforce

Learning leadership is not a generic process.
Understanding who your followers are should dictate how you lead. In other words, a specific set of followers may mandate a specific leadership style.

For example, learning leadership in order to guide a group of Baby Boomers or Gen Xers toward a… – http://magnovo.com/learning-leadership/


Quick Quote Wednesdays: Kenneth Hartley Blanchard

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.
~Kenneth Hartley Blanchard


Here’s Google’s Take on Team Working

Google recently performed a study on its employees to see what was up with team working.
You may know this already, but the tech giant is famous for providing lavish on-the-job perks as well as wonderful benefits.

Google give great perks to its employees…so why didn’t all their… – http://magnovo.com/team-working/


Quick Quote Wednesdays: Dwight D Eisenhower

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
~Dwight D Eisenhower


Leadership and Communication Skills Across the Generations [including Gen Z!]

Every generation is unique, which is why leadership and communication skills are extra important if you’re going to connect with everyone.

We’ve heard a lot about Millennials, who are now between the ages of 22 and 34…but what about the generation behind them, Gen Z?  If … – http://magnovo.com/leadership-communication-skills-across-generations-including-gen-z/