Leadership Defined by the World’s Powerhouse Leaders

What’s leadership defined by you?  In our ever-searching quest for a comprehensive exploration of what makes great leaders tick, here is what some of the world’s most powerful and influential leaders have to say about it.

Before you get started, however, keep in mind that there are p… – http://magnovo.com/leadership-defined/


Team Unity: Finding the Perfect Fit

Creating team unity is like manufacturing a jigsaw puzzle.
First you must have the big picture. You know, the one on the cover of the puzzle box. Then you need to make the right cut for all of the pieces to fit together.

The next challenge is to make sure the pieces stick together. As we all… – http://magnovo.com/team-unity-finding-perfect-fit/

LinkedIn Teams up to Donate Much-Needed Wheelchairs

We make our professional connections on LinkedIn, and we keep in touch with our industry peers.  LinkedIn makes possible an online networking and news social platform, helping facilitate positive change for everyone.

But did you know that LinkedIn itself is up to some news-worthy activities t… – http://magnovo.com/linkedin-donates-much-needed-wheelchairs/

How to Develop Leadership Skills That Will Transform Your Business

How do you develop leadership skills that will transform your staff into a winning team, expand your customer base, and increases revenue?  It may mean that the transformation has to begin with you.

Our 26th American president, Theodore Roosevelt said, “The best executive is the one who has se… – http://magnovo.com/develop-leadership-skills/

The 5 Most Important Leadership Attributes According to Leaders from Around the Globe

Dr. Sunny Giles, Advisor at Stanford Business School Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, recently published results of her survey about leadership attributes.
The survey about leadership attributes showed surprising results.

What she found was a little surprising… it w… – http://magnovo.com/leadership-attributes/

Welcome New Readers-Wondering What Charity Team Building is all about?

If you’re new to Magnovo, here’s your guide to our charity team building workshops.
Charity team building is how you can accomplish many goals in just one session with Magnovo. We always specialize in hands-on team building activities that grow important skills within your… – http://magnovo.com/charity-team-building/