Quick Quote Wednesdays: Anuj Somany

A person’s own definition of leadership defines the glittering crown of his leadership.
~Anuj Somany


How Well Do You Know Your DiSC® Personality Types?

If you’ve never encountered DiSC® personality types before, then chances are you might be missing out on a wonderfully effective tool for management.

Managers love our DiSC® workshops because DiSC® profiles offer them a way of describing human behavior (observable behavior only) in certai… – http://magnovo.com/disc-personality-types/

How DiSC® Training Can Boost Engagement at Work

By now you’ve heard the dismal news that only 13% of workers are engaged at work, but have you considered that DiSC® training could help?

Gallup’s now famous report, surveying 142 countries, informed managers across the globe that only one in eight of their workers cared about mak… – http://magnovo.com/disc-training-can-boost-engagement-work/

Group Activity: 7 Fascinating Facts For DiSC®

If you’re interested in how a DiSC® personality workshop can stimulate group activity and may even propel your team to greatness, here are some interesting facts for you.


The folks who make DiSC® workshops like ours possible are always looking for ways to make their model better.  … – http://magnovo.com/group-activity-7-fascinating-facts-disc/

How Group Dynamics and Team Building Improve When People Share More

No matter what industry you work in, you have probably noticed how frustrating it can be when group dynamics and team building are failing.

Dysfunction can rear its ugly head in many forms, like meetings that go nowhere to emotional exchanges that make good communication all but impossible. … – http://magnovo.com/group-dynamics-team-building/