What is Team Building and How Can DiSC Assessments Help?

What is team building and why should you care? After all, you and your company may be poised for success.

You and your colleagues may be on the brink of a breakthrough that could refine “best practices” in your industry. You and your coworkers may be standing at the threshold of… – http://magnovo.com/what-is-team-building/


Holiday Cheer And Fun Activities For Team Building

The best fun activities for team building  are always purposeful, engaging, and inclusive! They’re impassioned, inspiring, and sprinkled liberally with whimsy. And there’s no better season for this winning combination than the holidays.

Your average holiday office party is usually more of a “Ho… – http://magnovo.com/fun-activities-for-team-building/

A Fun Take on Team Building With Hospital Corporation of America

With pre-determined teamwork goals in mind, HCA really just wants to have fun with their workshop. 
Team building always comes first around here. But when teams approach us and say they just want to have fun- we oblige, naturally! When the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) booked a charity t… – http://magnovo.com/fun-take-on-team-building-with-hospital-corporation-of-america/

T-Mobile Gets Competitive in Snoqualmie, Washington

Ever wonder what it takes to get a group of tech professionals to excited about giving back?  Competition!!

Even in our charity workshops like Bike-A-Thon™, we like to stress communication and other team building skills that come in handy at the office. That’s why our workshops are al… – http://magnovo.com/t-mobile-gets-competitive-in-snoqualmie-washington/

Arvest Mortgage Company in Fayetteville, AR Gets their Workshop Despite Some Missed Connections

When was the last time a company executive drove through the night to deliver a product to you?  Team building Fayetteville, Arkansas was in full swing when our very own Rob Jackson drove his car all night to get to a Rescue Buddies team building workshop for Arvest Mortgage … – http://magnovo.com/arvest-mortgage-company-in-fayetteville-ar-gets-their-workshop-despite-some-missed-connections/