Team Building Models

Focusing on team building models is important to any organization, as teams are the primary building blocks to any organization’s strategy. Your organization’s focus might be quality, cost, service, performance, value, or any other number of goals, but the team remains a central methodology for m… –


Quintiles Does Leadership Training at the Museum of Life + Science

Leadership takes many forms, and what better way to celebrate that concept than to hold leadership training at the Museum of Life + Science.

Amidst all the splendor of science and discovery at the Museum of Life + Science, leaders from Quintiles gathered to hone their leadership skills with us… –

Ash Brokerage Christens New HQ With a Charity Workshop

Ash Brokerage is doing well with a beautiful new headquarters- they decided to share the goodwill with soldiers stationed overseas. Here’s how one charity workshop reached soldiers with over 300 donated items, all in a day. 

We met a group from Ash Brokerage at their new HQ in Fort … –

Great Team Building Ideas Create Holiday Cheer

Great team building ideas can provide an outlet for creative tension among your most challenging, attention-craving but enterprising employees.

You know, the ones: they’ve as full of energy and brilliant ideas as they are of themselves. On the DiSC® wheel of personality types, they’re capit… –

Proud to be a Part of the Allianz Life Employee Giving Program!

We like to think we’re experts on employee-centered corporate giving projects, but Allianz Life seems to have that down to a science.  With one of the most progressive giving programs we’ve ever seen, this insurance company really knows how to get everyone involved in giving back- … –

NYS Office Of Information Technology Services: Managing Tech and Teamwork in One Place

Managing the NYS Office of Information Technology Services demands is one tough job- a quick shot of DiSC® training turns out to be just the sort of networking this group needed. 

Whenever we hold a DiSC® personality training workshop, there’s always a lot of excitement on our end, goin… –

Medtronic Interns Come Together And Have Fun Building Wheelchairs

It isn’t always easy to feel comfortable in a room full of 5 dozen of your competitors. But with the right atmosphere, competitors become comrades and everything turns out great!

If you were ever an intern, you know that it’s an exciting yet nerve-wracking time of your life…. –

Microsoft Energizes for the Year by Building Bicycles for Kids

There are several ways to kick off a new fiscal year. We think Microsoft does it best, as usual. 

What do you do when January 1 rolls around every year? You take stock of the old year, but more importantly, you ring in the new with festivities. There’s always a renewed sense of hope for … –

Sallie Mae Had a Message

When Sallie Mae got together for their annual sales meeting this past winter, they had a clear message for the event: working together to bring even more success in 2016.  That sounded like a call for more teamwork to us!

Sallie Mae asked us to tie in our workshop with their … –