Leadership Team Building Starts With You

The first and smartest step in leadership team building is to start with yourself. Yeah, you! Okay, you’re right, there’s no such thing as “a team of one,” but look at it this way: If you groom yourself for leadership by leading yourself first, you may become the kind of leader other team… – http://magnovo.com/leadership-team-building-starts-with-you/


Leading Through Change: What’s the Best Approach?

One of the greatest challenges a company can face is leading through change to make the greatest impact. Current thinking on the power of Influencers may shed some light on this toughest of tough challenges.
Good leaders who want to move their organizations forward are often focused on positive… – http://magnovo.com/leading-change/

Leadership Styles and Team Dynamics

“Everyone has peak performance potential—you just need to know where they are coming from and meet them there.”
Just like no two snowflakes are alike, every one of your employees is different. But they all have something in common: the potential to perform at their peak w… – http://magnovo.com/leadership-styles-team-dynamics/


Quick Quote Wednesdays: Mark Twain

One gains at least two to three times more experience grabbing the tiger by the tail than reading about it in a book.
~ Mark Twain


Executive Presence Skills – Appearance and Communication

People in the corporate world may not be able to give a definite description of executive presence but they will say they know it when they see it.
Apparently, executive presence escapes a common description but both experts and amateurs alike can clearly distinguish those who have it. How can… – http://magnovo.com/executive-presence-skills-appearance-communication/


Team Building Workshop Dontss – Activities to Avoid at All Cost

The announcement of yet another team building workshop can evoke a variety of reactions among your employees.
Surveys of team building participants have shown that some people would rather call in sick rather than go through another team building workshops! While some participants had a great… – http://magnovo.com/team-building-workshop-activities-avoid/