Rob Jackson: Teambuilding With a Purpose

The benefits of teambuilding
Over a decade ago I walked away from a successful career in banking because I recognized a niche in the marketplace for personal development to train people to become better professionals.
It was a big risk, but my mantra is “Change the world, don’t just play the gam…


Successful Millennial Teambuilding at Barings

Our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop at Barings was a classic exercise in Millennial teambuilding. And every single moment was delightful!
For starters, it was a beautiful day, and we were perched atop Barings’ dazzling new building in downtown Charlotte. The view from the Sky Room was…

A Closer look at the Dominant Disc Personality Type

Discovering the disc personality type of your individual employees is one the first goals of Disc assessments. Once you understand which of the four categories best describes a given staffer, improving their work experience and production becomes much easier. But a single word description is…