Building Relationships and Bikes for Kids, with Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA

Kaiser Permanente’s Bike-A-Thon™ charity team building workshop helped employees build better relationships while at the same time building bikes for kids in need.
Kaiser Permanente’s Team Building Day in Oakland, CA
No matter the size, pretty much any department can benefit from a… –


Holiday Team Building Offers Alternative to Traditional Company Gatherings

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, October 10, 2017– Research indicates that happiness increases with experiences, rather than things. Your company may be planning a holiday party to celebrate the end of a hardworking year – or kick start the beginning of a new one. However, holiday team building… –

Brinks Helps Veterans Feel More Secure through Wheel Charity Program

Two Diverse Departments, One Goal
Two departments from Brinks got together for their annual meeting. It gave senior leadership a chance to work together in a way that they don’t ordinarily get to. After all, the technology department and the operations department don’t have a lot of overlap in… –

Edwards Lifesciences Supports California’s Miracles for Kids through Rescue Buddies

Edwards Lifesciences’ employees know they make a difference in people’s lives every day. The company is well-known for its medical equipment. However, after participating in a Rescue Buddies™ program at their recent all-team meeting, these folks experienced helping people in a whole… –

Essex Property Trust’s Training Serves Community Interests, Too

They may not work together on a regular basis, but when two separate groups from Essex Property Trust came together as one, the community of the Outdoors for All Foundation felt the strength of its efforts.
Two Teams Unite for Camaraderie and Compassion
Our group of 40 participants gathered at… –