Terumo Medical Corp Continues its Roll

One of the nice things about repeat customers is that we get to build upon past progress. Terumo Medical Corp has worked with Magnovo before, and this summer they were back for more.

If you’re in sales and marketing, knowing about people helps in a lot of different ways. In the past,… – http://magnovo.com/terumo-medical-corp-continues-its-roll/


What is Team Building and How Can DiSC Assessments Help?

What is team building and why should you care? After all, you and your company may be poised for success.

You and your colleagues may be on the brink of a breakthrough that could refine “best practices” in your industry. You and your coworkers may be standing at the threshold of… – http://magnovo.com/what-is-team-building/

What is Executive Presence and Why is it Important

What is executive presence? It’s your personal book cover–the visage you use to draw people in beyond the table of contents of your life.

And while judging a book by its cover may be unfair, we know that we all do it every day–so why not yield to the idea of sprucing your… – http://magnovo.com/what-is-executive-presence-and-why-is-it-important/

How Well Do You Know Your DiSC® Personality Types?

If you’ve never encountered DiSC® personality types before, then chances are you might be missing out on a wonderfully effective tool for management.

Managers love our DiSC® workshops because DiSC® profiles offer them a way of describing human behavior (observable behavior only) in certai… – http://magnovo.com/disc-personality-types/

How to Develop Leadership Skills That Will Transform Your Business

How do you develop leadership skills that will transform your staff into a winning team, expand your customer base, and increases revenue?  It may mean that the transformation has to begin with you.

Our 26th American president, Theodore Roosevelt said, “The best executive is the one who has se… – http://magnovo.com/develop-leadership-skills/

Leadership and Communication Skills Across the Generations [including Gen Z!]

Every generation is unique, which is why leadership and communication skills are extra important if you’re going to connect with everyone.

We’ve heard a lot about Millennials, who are now between the ages of 22 and 34…but what about the generation behind them, Gen Z?  If … – http://magnovo.com/leadership-communication-skills-across-generations-including-gen-z/

7 Bad Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Leadership Conference…and 1 Great One

It’s winter, and companies from all corners of the land are convening in warm places for their annual leadership conference.
Sales teams gather in hotel conference rooms to re-energize their forces, and leaders pull managers in for some creative strategizing to keep their employees m… – http://magnovo.com/7-bad-entertainment-ideas-for-your-next-leadership-conference-and-1-great-one/

Quick Quote Wednesday: Effective Methods to Motivate Your Team

Don’t fall into the basic carrot and stick trap along with many other managers and small business owners today when you’re looking for the best methods to motivate your team
The carrot, for the most part, tends to be a monetary reward – bonuses, pay raises, and promotions. The… – http://magnovo.com/effective-methods-motivate-your-team/

How to Become a Leader Other Leaders Will Follow

Want to become a leader–the type that you yourself would follow, respect, and even emulate?
By now, you know all of the attributes, characteristics, idiosyncrasies, and quirks that you don’t want to copy–ever! You could probably make a very long list of them.

To become a leader of l… – http://magnovo.com/how-to-become-a-leader-other-leaders-will-follow/