What is Executive Presence and Why is it Important

What is executive presence? It’s your personal book cover–the visage you use to draw people in beyond the table of contents of your life.

And while judging a book by its cover may be unfair, we know that we all do it every day–so why not yield to the idea of sprucing your… – http://magnovo.com/what-is-executive-presence-and-why-is-it-important/


How Group Dynamics and Team Building Improve When People Share More

No matter what industry you work in, you have probably noticed how frustrating it can be when group dynamics and team building are failing.

Dysfunction can rear its ugly head in many forms, like meetings that go nowhere to emotional exchanges that make good communication all but impossible. … – http://magnovo.com/group-dynamics-team-building/

The 5 Most Important Leadership Attributes According to Leaders from Around the Globe

Dr. Sunny Giles, Advisor at Stanford Business School Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, recently published results of her survey about leadership attributes.
The survey about leadership attributes showed surprising results.

What she found was a little surprising… it w… – http://magnovo.com/leadership-attributes/

44% of Top U.S. Executives Agree: You Need to Revisit those Soft Skills Training Topics

It’s hard to find a business school these days that doesn’t cover soft skills training topics.

Good thing, too!  In a recent survey, almost half of top U.S. executives think Americans lack important basic skills for communicating and getting along at work.
What are the so-called &#… – http://magnovo.com/soft-skills-training-topics/

4 Leadership Lessons from Navy SEALs

There are some important leadership lessons we take from watching how the Navy SEALs succeed.
Drawing upon what makes a good SEAL, leaders can steer their own teams towards exceptional levels of success.

Here’s what makes a Navy SEAL successful.
What does is take to complete the Navy… – http://magnovo.com/4-leadership-lessons-from-navy-seals/

Quick Quote Wednesday: Effective Methods to Motivate Your Team

Don’t fall into the basic carrot and stick trap along with many other managers and small business owners today when you’re looking for the best methods to motivate your team
The carrot, for the most part, tends to be a monetary reward – bonuses, pay raises, and promotions. The… – http://magnovo.com/effective-methods-motivate-your-team/

Quick Quote Wednesdays: Aim for Success Every Day

Constant dripping wears away stone. ~Old Chinese Proverb
In layman’s terms, you need perseverance and constant effort in order to achieve success. But in today’s world, achieving success is just the first phase.
You need to aim for success every day!
The next phase involves staying s… – http://magnovo.com/quick-quote-wednesdays-aim-for-success-every-day/