Terumo Medical Corp Continues its Roll

One of the nice things about repeat customers is that we get to build upon past progress. Terumo Medical Corp has worked with Magnovo before, and this summer they were back for more.

If you’re in sales and marketing, knowing about people helps in a lot of different ways. In the past,… – http://magnovo.com/terumo-medical-corp-continues-its-roll/


Group Activity: 7 Fascinating Facts For DiSC®

If you’re interested in how a DiSC® personality workshop can stimulate group activity and may even propel your team to greatness, here are some interesting facts for you.


The folks who make DiSC® workshops like ours possible are always looking for ways to make their model better.  … – http://magnovo.com/group-activity-7-fascinating-facts-disc/

Team Unity: Finding the Perfect Fit

Creating team unity is like manufacturing a jigsaw puzzle.
First you must have the big picture. You know, the one on the cover of the puzzle box. Then you need to make the right cut for all of the pieces to fit together.

The next challenge is to make sure the pieces stick together. As we all… – http://magnovo.com/team-unity-finding-perfect-fit/

How to Develop Leadership Skills That Will Transform Your Business

How do you develop leadership skills that will transform your staff into a winning team, expand your customer base, and increases revenue?  It may mean that the transformation has to begin with you.

Our 26th American president, Theodore Roosevelt said, “The best executive is the one who has se… – http://magnovo.com/develop-leadership-skills/

4 Ways To Work Team Culture Into Your Leadership Strategy

When everyone works together towards common goals, you know your leadership strategy is working.  Focusing on building a team culture means everyone wins in the end.  Here are 4 ways to do that.

4 ways to build team culture from within your leadership strategy.

 Provide all the resources you… – http://magnovo.com/4-ways-work-team-culture-leadership-strategy/

Does Donald Trump Have Team Leader Qualities?

Right now, we need people at all levels who have the right team leader qualities.
But from the classroom to the board room and in the political arena as well, sometimes it’s hard to know what those qualities really are.

What is leadership, anyway?
Fist pumping and always acting confident … – http://magnovo.com/donald-trump-team-leader-qualities/

What an America’s Cup Winner Can Teach Us About Team Building

Sir Russell Coutts has a lot of wins under his belt, but he’s the first to admit that team building is very challenging for him.
The five-time winner of the America’s Cup is CEO of Oracle Team USA, and he goes through team members at a surprisingly rapid rate.  Seems it’s just … – http://magnovo.com/what-an-americas-cup-winner-can-teach-us-about-team-building/

Quick Quote Wednesday: Effective Methods to Motivate Your Team

Don’t fall into the basic carrot and stick trap along with many other managers and small business owners today when you’re looking for the best methods to motivate your team
The carrot, for the most part, tends to be a monetary reward – bonuses, pay raises, and promotions. The… – http://magnovo.com/effective-methods-motivate-your-team/

Quick Quote Wednesdays: Aim for Success Every Day

Constant dripping wears away stone. ~Old Chinese Proverb
In layman’s terms, you need perseverance and constant effort in order to achieve success. But in today’s world, achieving success is just the first phase.
You need to aim for success every day!
The next phase involves staying s… – http://magnovo.com/quick-quote-wednesdays-aim-for-success-every-day/