The “Do-Over” Proposal

As a kid playing ‘hoops’ with my friends was fun. When I missed a basketball shot, by saying ‘Do-Over’ I was immediately given the ball again to try and score. (Well, almost immediately, my friend Timmy wasn’t the most gracious, but it did it because he expected the… –


Leveling The Playing Field Facilitates Workplace Team Building

Some cliches are old but not outdated: when it comes to workplace team building, “leveling the playing field” is logical first step.

Because each of your players longs to be valued and validated equally. As a leader, you can help by making sure that each one has access to the dev… –

What is Executive Presence and Why is it Important

What is executive presence? It’s your personal book cover–the visage you use to draw people in beyond the table of contents of your life.

And while judging a book by its cover may be unfair, we know that we all do it every day–so why not yield to the idea of sprucing your… –

How Well Do You Know Your DiSC® Personality Types?

If you’ve never encountered DiSC® personality types before, then chances are you might be missing out on a wonderfully effective tool for management.

Managers love our DiSC® workshops because DiSC® profiles offer them a way of describing human behavior (observable behavior only) in certai… –

Does Donald Trump Have Team Leader Qualities?

Right now, we need people at all levels who have the right team leader qualities.
But from the classroom to the board room and in the political arena as well, sometimes it’s hard to know what those qualities really are.

What is leadership, anyway?
Fist pumping and always acting confident … –