The “Do-Over” Proposal

As a kid playing ‘hoops’ with my friends was fun. When I missed a basketball shot, by saying ‘Do-Over’ I was immediately given the ball again to try and score. (Well, almost immediately, my friend Timmy wasn’t the most gracious, but it did it because he expected the… –


Help Employees Look Forward to Team Building Training

I have been developing and conducting Team Building Training Workshops for many years and for large companies and small groups. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the groans and grumbling right before the event. People walk in the room and ask if they are going to be required to participate i… –

Happy Tails Make For Happy Holiday Tales

The best building activities for teams are the ones that help bear the burdens of our neighbors. Why? Because they bind our hearts to people outside the team itself, and in so doing they reveal the real hearts–sensibilities, gifts, and values–of each member of the team.

During this … –

Group Activity: 7 Fascinating Facts For DiSC®

If you’re interested in how a DiSC® personality workshop can stimulate group activity and may even propel your team to greatness, here are some interesting facts for you.


The folks who make DiSC® workshops like ours possible are always looking for ways to make their model better.  … –

The 5 Most Important Leadership Attributes According to Leaders from Around the Globe

Dr. Sunny Giles, Advisor at Stanford Business School Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, recently published results of her survey about leadership attributes.
The survey about leadership attributes showed surprising results.

What she found was a little surprising… it w… –

Welcome New Readers-Wondering What Charity Team Building is all about?

If you’re new to Magnovo, here’s your guide to our charity team building workshops.
Charity team building is how you can accomplish many goals in just one session with Magnovo. We always specialize in hands-on team building activities that grow important skills within your… –

April is Administrative Professionals Month – How Will You Celebrate?

Ask anyone who’s ever worked in a busy office: it’s the administrative professionals who pretty much keep the place going.
Without them, all sorts of businesses would probably fall apart at the seams …they are the glue that holds everything together, preventing total and a… –

Magnovo Team Builders Make Event Coordinators Look Good!

Nobody’s immune to stress, but it turns out event coordinators really have it bad, and our team builders can help.
When it’s you whom everyone looks to if an event doesn’t go well, that’s a heavy load to carry.  That’s why at Magnovo we do our very best to make you l… –

101 Benefits of Team Building: Helping the Make-a-Wish Foundation

As Superbowl 50 approached and the Panthers prepared to meet the Broncos, we were reminded once again that the benefits of team building are far-reaching.

Sitting in the stadium along with thousands of other excited fans were 14 kids whose dreams came true.  Thanks to the Make-a-Wish … –